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Hello, I am Mjduniverse. I go by the Username "Nuclear Facepalmer" on other websites. I am just another wikia wiki Wikia contributor. I never make wikias here anymore ever since I learned how to make my own wikis using MediaWiki. Rather I am here just to edit. You can contact me in many ways, such as posting on my talk page, Email:, posting on my website, and contacting me on any site i joined. Please don't edit my profile without my permission, thank you!

Favorite Wikis:Edit

My full list list of favorite wikis can't fit in the "Favorite Wikis" section of my profile, so here it is. I also show some of the user pages I have on my favorite wikias.

External LinksEdit

I am an admin so if you need my help or if someone is vandalizing the wiki, you may post it on my talkpage. I am one of the most active editors on the Sploder Wiki.

Keep in fact though that since i am not the only admin here, i would have to see how all the admins and bureaucrats would feel about major changes in the site such as styling,enabling extra extensions, new rules, etc.

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Like Mjduniverse won Tiff or Nick's First Quiz. Amazing!
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