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    The Desert World is an idea for the fourth or sertian world in Retro Arcade Maker on Sploder. In this articale all the ideas for the next world - Desert world appear. if you want to add more ideas please edit and write them here.

    Ground: the same grounds in cave world but more of deserty colors

    Sand: a sand-like platform where you sink down if you don't move not one step. you move on it slowly.

    Tornadoes: a climbable that draggs you to the top and back down.

    Backgrounds: including the same backgrounds as forest world but an extra one of pyramids.

    Scenerys: i've got no idea for scenerys. please contribute here.

    Climbabels: Vines, Waterfalls, and Palm Trees

    Outchy Vines: Cactuses in the color of green and light beige.

    Liquid: including water, lava, …

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    November 16, 2012 by TerrariaKing

    I just wanted to say hey to all you wiki users. I hope to see you all on the wiki! :D Please try your best to use good grammar and punctuation. It helps a lot. Thanks!

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