TerrariaKing TerrariaKing 23 September 2013

Sploder Idea for Arcade Creator (THIS HAS BEEN MOVED HERE DUE TO WIKI POLICY).

The Desert World is an idea for the fourth or sertian world in Retro Arcade Maker on Sploder. In this articale all the ideas for the next world - Desert world appear. if you want to add more ideas please edit and write them here.

Ground: the same grounds in cave world but more of deserty colors

Sand: a sand-like platform where you sink down if you don't move not one step. you move on it slowly.

Tornadoes: a climbable that draggs you to the top and back down.

Backgrounds: including the same backgrounds as forest world but an extra one of pyramids.

Scenerys: i've got no idea for scenerys. please contribute here.

Climbabels: Vines, Waterfalls, and Palm Trees

Outchy Vines: Cactuses in the color of green and light beige.

Liquid: including water, lava, …

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TerrariaKing TerrariaKing 16 November 2012


I just wanted to say hey to all you wiki users. I hope to see you all on the wiki! :D Please try your best to use good grammar and punctuation. It helps a lot. Thanks!

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