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About Me:Yo! I see you have taken the time to read this, but really, there is no information about me displayed.
Name:Andreas (speculation)
Member of the day on:April 5th, 2017.
V2 is a Sploder member who joined in 2012 and, announced in December of 2018 or very early January of 2019, that he would leave the site. His name is actually short for Vaxen2, although this is not an alternate account of Vaxen2's. In December of 2017, Nissanskyliner34 , an alternate account of the popular Swedish Sploder member Nuuu123123 , told him that he can get to level 250 the fastest by making alot of games, so he did, creating an account named Theandreas , but after 4 days he gave up on it, reaching level 95 with 920 games and 21 friends.

Best Friends:

Nissanskyliner34 is also one of V2's besties, according to his profile. His other besties are Vaxen2 , 12stasia , Bboy786, Geoff and Gallade265.

He has also bested himself.


  • His most popular game is called "GOAT SIMULATOR" based off the popular non-sploder simulation game with the same name, It has over 1700 views and 157 votes.
  • He also owns another alternate account which is nicknamed panta
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