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Joined:2011 (4 years ago)
Total Plays:71K
Contests Won:6
About Me:Unknown
Member of the day on:August 30th, 2014

Vaxen is a well-known member, who is mainly known for his games created with the Physics Puzzle maker, such as Flappy Bird, How To Destroy Google, Epic Minecraft Quiz, etc. He is a very nice member who respect and talk to almost every Sploder members, making him a very appreciated member. Vaxen is the only well-known Quebecer member.


Vaxen registered in early 2011. His first game was High Racer, a game created with the Platformer creator. He did a few updates for that game, since it was his favorite game at the time. His second game was ShootTech, a game made with the platformer creator, again. It was very similar to Space Invaders. Then, he created SaxoFlex Wars (demo version, the full version came later). It was a huge shooter game. The game is actually very long for a game on Sploder. The first game that started to make Vaxen popular was The World's Hardest Game on 3DS V.2. In August 2012, his game Castle Run Physics got a Contest Winner, which was the first time Vaxen won a game contest. He reached level 250 few days after that. Since September 29nd 2012, Vaxen makes only Physics Puzzle maker games (except if there are announcements that requires him to use the platformer or shooter creator). He sometimes does games with the Arcade game maker, but otherwise, he only does Physic Puzzle games. Not only he is seen as a great game maker, but also as a great member.

Currently, Vaxen is an inactive member, but it was confirmed via his Sploder Wikia page that this is only temporary.

As a game maker

Vaxen is well known for his physic puzzle games. He used all the game makers, but he currently does Physic puzzle games only. Vaxen is also good using the classic shooter game maker, even though he doesn't do games with this game maker anymore. Usually, Vaxen has good receptions with most of his games. However, he has also negative receptions, with which he listens so he can improve his games. He cancelled many games, and he didn't finish some of them (ex: Monster Trucks Forever). However, most of his games are unique in at least one point. For example, his game Epic Minecraft Quiz was one of the very first quiz games that make use of the Physic Puzzle game maker instead of the Platform game maker. Also, Vaxen always makes sure his games are of great quality, so that his games doesn't have too many problems.


Vaxen already wanted to be a moderator. But, because he was too busy, he didn't apply to be one.

Vaxen only changes the color and the skin when he has to edit his avatar. This is because he likes his avatar a lot, and he doesn't want to change it too much.

Vaxen does not respect Sceptile as a member because of how he got banned. However, he does like him as a game maker.

While he has lots of fans, Vaxen has a fan (and friend) called Vaxen2 who is much more known than him. The fact that he is more known doesn't annoy Vaxen, since Vaxen2 is his friend and Vaxen is also a fan of Vaxen2.

Vaxen has a Youtube channel called CarBitGTSaxen.

While he has many great graphics, Vaxen isn't good at drawing in real-life (with the exception of drawing cars).

2014 is the year where Vaxen has made the less games, with only less than 10 games. That is because Vaxen is quite busy, so he doesn't have much time to make games.

A few of Vaxen's graphics are private, but can still be seen in some of his games. This is because he thinks those graphics are too ugly or because he doesn't want anyone else to use them.

Vaxen has many alternative accounts. They are: Vamco, Kennyisawesome, Controz, Vaxensaltgames and Carbitgtsaxen.

Vaxen doesn't speak english perfectly. This is because it isn't his main language. His main language in real-life is the french. This is also the reason why some of Vaxen's games have spelling errors.

Vaxen was in hall of fame for a short period of time, in the "Most Playable Members" catergory. But, due to inactivity, he got out of there.

There is a tag for games that is called "axxe". This tag is actually "Vaxen's" tag, because he adds this tag to almost every game he plays on the website. The word means nothing. It's only a random word that he decided to use.

In real-life, Vaxen is a video game collector. He collect vintage video games and video games consoles. This is the reason why he does replicas of retro video games using the Physics Puzzle game maker.


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