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Vaxen2 is a Canadian moderately active user on Sploder. He currently has the highest number of friends on Sploder, with more than 70,000 friends as of February 2018. He also ranks as the most viewed member on Sploder, with over 1.2 million cumulative views as of April 2020.


Vaxen2 joined Sploder in 2010, originally under the username Ericsonmasterofplayi (a.k.a. EricsonMasterofPlaying). His first two games were Forest War and Mother Ship. Most of these games were made with either the Shooter or Platformer creators, with one exception being Volcanic Leak, which is a Algorithm Crew game.

In spring of 2012, he started making Physics Puzzle Maker (PPG) games, including Defender. He made several hits at this time, such as Downhill Skiing and Homing Missle. Later that year, Ericsonmasterofplayi changed his username to Vaxen2 (named after Vaxen).


Vaxen2 sometimes makes games, but vaxen2 gets thousands of views every week, it was all started with Slender Man Demo with over 600,000 views. After he celebrated 440,000 views in May 2014, he started creating FNAF series, with his first game claiming over 120,000 views. His second game in the FNAF series even obtained over 190,000 views, which is way better than his previous game. He officially celebrated one million views on October 2015.

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