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Real Name:Unknown
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United States
Joined:5 years ago
Last Visit:3 years ago
Alternate account of:Wealllovepie
Member of the Day on:No day
Wealllovepie2 is an alternative account of wealllovepie, His account was hacked by Danthegreatgamer. He isn't suspended yet, but danthegreatgamer who hacked the account was.


Wealllovepie2 joined sometime in 2015 or 2014, He published the game named sploderheads moderation link, Which includes the link to the Sploderheads Admin Room, All of his games had adult content on them, He published the game named "My Password", which includes his password in the description. But danthegreatgamer saw the game and hacked wealllovepie2 then changed his password (making the 2nd game a lie), And danthegreatgamer made wealllovepie2 publish more inappropriate games, Such as an game about thewaffelord, Patrick Star (includes a poorly made one), An swear word, and his final game was about Spongebob and Squidward. He got banned from posting comments. But he isn't suspended yet.


  • Plamen, an now moved account member said that "This account will be saved and cleared!", but it will actually not be saved and cleared because the changed password is hard to tell.
  • His profile says that he has just 2 games but he actually has 11 games because of a glitch.
  • He is friends with another claimed account named tree000000000001, The member who claimed this account was Ilikeguy44. But in the comments people wonder tree000000000001 if he is abcilikepie, This wasn't yet proven.
  • When danthegreatgamer hacks a member (like this one) he switches the victim's avatar to dan's avatar.


Wealllovepie2 has 6 friends on sploder.

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